For booking a vehicle and blocking your order. Finalization of the rental and the remainder due for the rental if more than $ 200, is done on site with the rental agency.

Conditions of validation of the order for the driver and / or the buyer in the case of a gift :

  1. Be in Miami or Florida at the time of order,
  2. Be at least 26 years old to reserve a vehicle.

If one or both conditions are not met, French VIP Service reserves the right to refuse your order and you will be reimbursed after verification.

For your quote, directly fill out the form below !

Booking Deluxe Car Rentals

Booking Deluxe Car Rentals

ex : 06 XX XX XX XX or +1 (205) XXX-XXX
ex :
Rent by day, for 1 day (24 hours) minimum.
ex: January 23, 2023
ex: January 23, 2023
If you wish to provide us with additional information, please indicate it in the field above.



For any urgent reservation (less than 3 days) please contact us directly by email (, telephone, WhatsApp or on one of our Facebook pages, French VIP Service – FRench or French VIP Service – ENglish.


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