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Port town, Miami is full of many activities and other water sports. 

Whether you prefer thrills or excursions and quiet swimming aboard a boat, do not wait any longer to enjoy the joys of the sea !


Water Sports tubing2 394x394


For 15 min


Water Sports dsc01621 394x394

Miami Seaquarium


Water Sports Flyboard hq 394x394

Fly Board

For 20 min
$129/person for 30 min


Water Sports party boat hq 394x394

Party Boat


Water Sports 2021 Jet Ski 0 394x394

Jet Ski Rental


Water Sports Miami Boat Party 8 394x394

Miami Boat Party

With Drinks & Music Included


Water Sports Catamaran Cruise 16 394x360

Catamaran Cruise

With Jetskis, water activities in Miami


Water Sports Explore Miami Unwind 394x394

Explore Miami and relax on a fun boat


Water Sports TAHOE 6 394x394

Tahoe Boat